Hyoyeon Incheon Airport 141024

Member: Hyoyeon – Date: October 24, 2014 – Airport: Incheon, Korea (departure)
Destination: China for 2014 Korean Music Wave Beijing

SNSD Hyoyeon Incheon Airport 141024 to Beijing

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Hyoyeon Incheon Airport 140802

Member: Hyoyeon – Date: August 2, 2014 – Airport: Incheon, Korea (departure)
Destination: Hong Kong to perform at the Best of Best Concert

SNSD Hyoyeon Incheon Airport 140802 to Hong Kong

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Fashion ID: Hyoyeon LV Pegase Cabin Case

[140902] Hyoyeon with a Louis Vuitton Pegase cabin case on her trip to Vietnam. It’s probably the Pegase 45 Monogram Canvas, the smallest of the iconic series.

Louis Vuitton Pegase 45 Monogram Canvas

SNSD Hyoyeon Louis Vuitton airport fashion 140902

Source: LouisVuitton ($2940) / Kyeongin

Hyoyeon Gimpo Airport 140301

Member: Hyoyeon – Date: March 1, 2014 – Airport: Gimpo, Korea (departure)
Destination: Japan for U-Express Live 2014

SNSD Hyoyeon Gimpo Airport 140301 to Japan

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