Tiffany Burberry Trench Coat

[140911] Tiffany in a Burberry English floral lace trench coat when arriving in Korea from USA after attending the New York Fashion Week.

SNSD Tiffany Burberry airport fashion 140911

Source: Burberry / Fanypics

Jessica Valentino Crepe Couture Dress

[140904] Jessica in a Valentino Crepe Couture bow neck dress when on her way to Hong Kong to attend an event for the fashion brand.

SNSD Jessica Valentino airport fashion 140904

Source: LaneCrawford / HunterofJessica

Fashion ID: Yuri Espirit Claudie Charles Shirt

[140802] Yuri in a Claudie Pierlot charles shirt on her trip to Hong Kong.

SNSD Yuri Claudie Pierlot airport fashion 140802

Source: ClaudiePierlot / Yuliet

Fashion ID: Taeyeon Ralph Lauren Dress

[140906] Taeyeon in a Ralph Lauren leather-trim plaid shift dress when on her trip to New York Fashion Week (for a Ralph Lauren fashion show).

Ralph Lauren leather-trim plaid shift dress

SNSD Taeyeon Ralph Lauren airport fashion 140906

Source: RalphLauren / StarN